At AMSPL, We understand the different needs of the shipowners and seaferers,thus bridging the gap in between.
    AMSPL adopts a seamless approach right from recruitment to finally placing a seafarer on board the vessel. Furthermore we continue to provide assistance to the ship owner and seafarer till the completion ans safe repatriation of the seafarer.

Our qualified seafarer has to undergo a Pre-Employment Medical, Drug & Alcohol examination under STCW, OCIMF and Company's pre- employment medical standard test through our Govt. accredited Medical Clinic/hospital.
This is to ensure our Principals and Clients that the following qualified seafarers deployed were emotionally, psychologically, mentally, drug free and physically fit to work onboard.

• A cost effective and professional service, for all marine crews.
• Fast and reliable service by providing Tickets.
• Meet and seeing-off of your Crews at the stations and airports. Transfer services for on/off signers, from/to hotel and airport.
• Hotels booking and accomodation of Crew members.
• Corporate discounts for non-marine travel
• Custom accounting reports.
• No hidden fees
• Fast apllying of visa related documents.
• The schedule placement and passage of interview in consulates
• Authentication of documents and certificates at the consulates.
• Applying and reception of necessary insurance policies.
• Delivery of passports, crew lists, contracts, certificates, invitation, ok to board, e-tickets and other necessary documents.

At AMSPL, we communicate and follow up on all crew related matter which comes under the perview of the P & I for both onboard and signed off crew members.

Our experienced marine recruitment consultants select / vet CVs and will present you with a shortlist of the most suitable candidates meeting individual shipowners requirement / criteria.

Our experienced marine recruitment consultants select / vet CVs and will present you with a shortlist of the most suitable candidates meeting individual shipowners requirement / criteria.

An interview schedule will be created to suit your needs. We can arrange open days for high volume recruitment, or pre-select candidates for you to interview. If you prefer not to be involved in the selection process then you can rely on our maritime industry experience and knowledge to carefully recruit Officers and Ratings on your behalf. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and always strive to find the right crew, first time, every time.

All candidates are screened carefully and undergo psychological examinations, to ensure our Principal and Clients that the most competent & qualified seafarers available in the market are placed onboard their vessels.

At our end we :

Check the validity of all Licenses, Flag License and training certificates and assist in application and renewal.

After the complete selection and engagement process approved by Principal/ Ship Manager we arrange for pre briefing/ necessary value added training keeping in mind seafarer's competence, attitude, behaviour and value creation at the workplace.

Arrange for the medical screening of the seafarer including Drugs and Alcohol and compliance under Principal/ Ship Manager pre-employment medical standard. Prepare all documentation required and departure formality (including visas) for the seafarer to join the vessel in specific time.

Key services at a glance

• Full or part crew management

• International recruitment campaign management

• Temporary supply of crew

• Permanent placements

• Contract supply

• Seasonal crews

• Bespoke crewing projects (e.g. ship delivery, sea trials, new buildings)

• Salary benchmark reporting

• Client Crew Portal
• Crew Payroll


One of the major factors influencing seafarers’ psychology while on board is their families at home.  We are always ready to provide our crewmembers’ families with any assistance to ensure productive and effective work on board


Upon receiving notification about the next employment contract, we inform and assist seafarers with their documents, i.e. renewal/extensio

AMSPL creates a pool with same seafarers to return on board vessels upon request. Crew is kept updated on retention program regarding proper recruitment and appropriate transportation.


•It is the responsibility of Apac Marine to control the processes as well as all the Services defined in the scope by maintenance of the Processes defined and various interactions of these Processes

• The Services are provided keeping in mind the Regulatory requirements of the basic STCW 95courses as and where applicable.

• It shall also be the responsibility of Apac Marine to implement corrective actions to achieve desired outputs of the Process and fulfilling the goals set by the organization to strive for continual improvement of the processes.

• Training to Seafarers/Floating staff is identified as an outsourced as well as internal process The Trainings concerning the STCW 95 requirements will be considered as outsourced process
and value added courses as an internal Company process.

• Company Requirements – training and updating sess